Why Cureforrett.org?

Our Mission

Rett Eliminated Together Today is committed to funding research to make a cure accessible to all individuals with Rett Syndrome.

Our Vision

A world without Rett Syndrome

1 in 10,000

girls are
affected with the disorder

Every 90

minutes a girl is
born with Rett Syndrome


girls and women
live with Rett Syndrome

Rett History


First Article on Rett Syndrome Published
Andreas Rett, an Austrian physician reported his findings on a new syndrome identified in 22 patients a German journal.


Rett Gains Exposure
Bengt Hagberg, a pediatric neurologist from Sweden, describes the disorder in 35 patients in the high profile journal of Annals of Neurology. He names the disorder after Andreas Rett.


MeCP2 Protein Discovered
Adrian Bird discovers the MeCP2 protein while searching for proteins that bind the methylated DNA. It will be 7 more years before Professor Bird learns of the Rett Syndrome connection to MeCP2.


Cause of Rett Discovered
Huda Zoghbi discovers that mutations in MeCP2 cause Rett Syndrome. This search spanned 16 years.


Rett is Reversible
Adrian Bird publishes in the journal of Science that Rett-like symptoms in mice are dramatically reversible, even in adult mice, once normal levels of the MeCP2 protein are restored.


Rett Eliminated Together Today is Founded
James and Audra Small founded RETT on behalf of their daughter, Sophia. The Smalls have one goal, to fund the cutting-edge research necessary to find a cure for Rett Syndrome.


MeCP2 Duplication Reversible
Dr. Huda Zoghbi successfully reverses MeCP2 Duplication Syndrome in mouse model.


AveXis – a clinical stage gene therapy company
joins the fight in gene therapy for Rett Syndromeand advances a Gene Therapy Program initiated by the Rett Syndrome Research Trust.


Novartis Purchases Avexis
One of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, Novartis, acquires AveXis and will continue the Gene Therapy Program and begin clinical trials in 2019.

Rett Eliminated Together Today

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